Korjo Water Boiler Immersion Heater


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Korjo Water Boiler.

Save time and money by boiling your own water when away from home.

This water boiler (also called an immersion heater) is perfect for making your own hot drinks and for sterilising / purifying water.


Water Boiler features:

  • Boils a cup of water in approx. 3 minutes on 240V
  • Dual voltage – can work on 240v or 110V (but is slower on 110V)
  • Thermal cut-out to prevent overheating
  • Spacer guard for added safety
  • 350W on 240V
  • Cord length approx 81cm
  • Made in Germany


Note: When using the Water Boiler please fill the water between the min and max marks on the unit.  The min is approx 2.5cm above the spacer disc and the max is approx 1.2cm below the handle.