Has your luggage been damaged in transit?

Immediately, report the damage to the airline, cruise or transport operator before you leave the terminal and receive a report.


Wheel repairs and replacements can be done at The Luggage Place.

Repairs types include:

  • Replacement of missing wheels
  • Check alignment
  • Repair to wheel casing
  • Re secure existing wheel
  • Clean and lube wheels (service)

We only use competent well trained repair service professionals and genuine parts, unless specific part no longer available.

In some cases, we have to use second hand parts if there are no parts available

We don’t supply parts…We are happy to do the repair for you

We guarantee our repairs for 6 months.

Please go to the contact form to submit your enquiry as some prices may vary according to different makes and models.

No appointment necessary. Call us on (08) 8231 4884 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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