Korjo Packing Bags Set of 5


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The Korjo Packing bags – Resealable are versatile and useful aids. You can utilise them in so many different ways!

The zip-loc seals and protects the contents inside the bag from the outside and vice-versa.

5 bags per pack

Packing Bags – Resealable uses include:

  • Protect and organise your shirts, jumpers, underwear etc
  • Use as a shoe bag
  • Segregate and seal products that you worry may leak
  • Separate dirty or wet clothes from clean clothes
  • Keep certain items together – eg cords and chargers for electrical or communication equipment


Each Packing Bag – Resealable is 32.5 x 44 cm.

They are transparent so that you can quickly and simply see what is in each bag.