Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 67cm 4 Wheeled Suitcase

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CHATELET AIR 2.0 features four quiet and highly manoeuvrable double wheels. They are specially designed to provide comfortable and responsively agile handling. To enable you to go wherever you choose, the luggage has been carefully manufactured to make it more manoeuvrable. The interior of your suitcase features two compartments fitted with adjustable straps to make maximal use of the space available and enable you to store as many items as possible. The two pouches can be used to store your shoes and dirty laundry and keep the rest of your clothes protected when travelling from place to place, for example.

The TSA combination lock enables you to secure your luggage using your own personal code and, at the same time, allows the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) to check your luggage using a special key, without damaging it. Your luggage is equipped with the patented DELSEY PARIS ultra-secure closure system: the SECURITECH® 2 zip. This unique closure system is three times more difficult to break into than a conventional zip, thus providing optimal security for your luggage. The TSA combination lock and the original anti-theft zip are your best allies when it comes to travelling with complete peace of mind.

  • Soft touch top and side handle for smooth carrying
  • Recessed combination lock with TSA
  • Patented zip securitech upgraded opening
  • Warranty QR code plate
  • Removable address holder
  • Two sets of straps and two zippered dividers
  • Three zippered pockets
  • Laundry/shoe bag
  • Dual density wheels
  • Corner protection
  • Multi position Trolley system with soft touch handle
  • Anti scratch finishing
  • Peach touch recycled lining

Product Details

Delsey : Chatelet Air 2.0
Manufacturer Colour:
Angora, Blue, Brown, Pink
4.13 kg
Luggage Size:
Checked-in Luggage
Total Linear Dimensions:
140 cm
Size in Litres:
66.5 cm
45 cm
28.5 cm
Warranty Terms:
10 Year Warranty